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If you came here then maybe your looking for a way into God and to put him into your life so here's my way for you to learn and maybe you can pass it on to save others...

1.Accept him and that he is real because he is read the HOLY BIBLE.
2.Believe in Jesus and that he died on the cross for us.
3.Be baptised in holy water at a church (Ask a priest)
4.Repent your sins with all your might
5.Love God and of course we are his children and seek his forgiveness and it is his decision...
6.If you have done something like murder then ask for forgiveness and learn from your mistakes(we all do)

This is the end of the world people please do the right thing you don't wanna be left behind on earth when the final battle is showdown.....Read up on the PUNISHMENTS OF GOD....
2012 z;

Talk to your pastor about your problems they know alot about the true God and don't fall into the AntiChrist's trap stick with God it's better for you but you know it's your decision im just here to help it is YOUR DECISION AKA YOUR CHOICE TO BELIEVE IN GOD...I hope this helps you to make it right thanks....

If you have any questions or anything i have msn with


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