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This is a guide for the people who want to know the end of the world or the suggestions and it is easier than doing a million research on it..... If you are scared to read what happens in the end and the end of mankind please do to look below.....


So i have researched about 5,000 things so far and it has come to my conclusion that the end of the human race for our lifetime is in 2012
of course which is obviously predicted as "JUDGEMENT DAY".So far we have 6 years left as of now from 2006-2012 = 6 years so happy living of those 6 years and there is a load of research and bookmarks i will show you and progress you the evidence in my own words as to how the world will end and the scenarios it will take.As they have coded many bible codes to figure this out and tried as many possibilites as their is it will happen on 2012 im sure.


The end of the world will come soon enough which is within 6 years but the ones who stay alive shall be the best cause well your alive when you float into the air to meet Jesus and wether or not you get to stay on earth while Satan and God work it out or be up in the air this is AKA THE RAPTURE

Ok so your saying "WHERE"S THE EVIDENCE THAT THIS EXISTS IT'S HOPE LESS" well i will give you some sites and the basic explanation of the scenarios in course for us as i will not copy or fraud it onto this sheet cause i don't like doing that when all the people on the other sites actually did what they did so i will post their sites and won't be useless like that so here it is and be happy with it cause it's just the Future by Bible Codes...

Ok so now what im going to explain to you is the real thing it is not a joke and if your scared then accept Jesus Christ into your heart and believe in God because he is real and we all know it.Below shows the most helpful website it is and it clearly states that in 2006 arnold s. will be re-elected by code and that there will be a War this year within 2006 and people will be drafted and that an Asteroid will hit the sea on point.The bad thing is that the ANTI-CHRIST comes this year sorry to say but they know it's this real just not the date but we are thinking it's June 6 2006 cause June is 6th month on the calender and it's the 6th and it's 2006 so that would make the satanic # of 666 make a lil sense? Ok so he is coming this year and he will be someone that tries to get people to follow him but if you have the Holy spirit in you he cannot do any harm.

So let's review:

1.A war will take place within 2006 and people will be drafted obviously as the bible code says it...
2.The antichrist will come within this year as 2006.
3.An Asteroid will hit us in the sea obviously too (Bible Coded)


OK THIS IS THE PART THAT IS A LITTLE CONFUSED EVER HEARD OF THE PHOTON BELT? WELL IT IS REAL AND IT'S ALOT OF LIGHT PARTICLES IN 2012 AND EARTH WILL BE SMACK DAB IN THE MIDDLE AT 2012 Coincidence? Maybe not in the Bible it says the Lord will approach with Light now is the Photon Belt lots of light?.....

Ok the 2nd part is that the mayan calendar predicted that this is the year that the world will end and the golden age will begin (still researching this a lil) ok well here's the site you can look more on it =

Ok so that shows us a little more about the end of the world and to think of it since the AntiChrist comes in 2006 -2012 = 6 years and it's 666 which is the satanic # making sense yet?

Ok so here's the final site im gunna show you it's the exodus one but more clearly on 2012 and has alot of reasearch and the credit goes to them....

My best advice to you would be to accept Jesus Christ into your heart and that he died on the cross for us and believe in God and be baptised then i guess we'll just see you on Heaven on earth aka remember the saying "History repeats itself" ^_^ so its coming and get ready won't be forever only 6 more years 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 and the Judgment day "2012"......

Still researching as you read this so hope you believe the holy spirit Antichrist 2006<<<


This is a fool proof website and if you are afraid please do not read the content....